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Section 0.1 Mathematical Background

This chapter is a whirlwind review of the mathematical prerequisities for MATH 2510. We will see how: to manipulate algebraic expressions, to graph in Cartesian coordinates, to solve simultaneous systems of equations, and to describe sets by their elements.

This material will not be directly examined. However, it's good practice and vaguely resembles 2 years of high school algebra.

Perhaps you'll want to test yourself against some of the inline WeBWorK exercises, which look like:

Checkpoint 0.1.1. Nice example of an inline problem (which we'll later know how to answer).

If a problem is broken, kindly email Colton:

Note that you have as many attempts on this problems as you would like. At any time you can (say mercy! and) look at the solutions.

Figure 0.1.2. Robert Neubecker, 2019.