title Introduction to Statistics
course Math 2510
section 001
term Fall 2019
campus CU Boulder
credits 3 units


Please check the trello board after each lecture—it’s constantly under revision!


free textbook (pdf)
more books
video lectures


name Colton Grainger
office Math Dept 201
office hours
policy 30 minutes ahead to schedule, 15 to cancel


meeting room Muenzinger E064
meeting time 8:00am – 8:50am Mon/Wed/Fri
first day Aug 26, 2019
last day Dec 12, 2019


  1. data wrangling (late August)
  2. elementary probability and measure (late September)
  3. statistical distributions (October)
  4. inference and hypothesis testing (November)
  5. model selection (December)

important dates

midterm A Wed Oct 16 in class
project A Fri Oct 18 due by 11:59pm
project B Mon Dec 9 due by 11:59pm
midterm B Wed Nov 20 in class
cumulative final Wed Dec 18 7:30am–10:00am (room TBD)

exam policy

No make-up exams; please plan ahead.

letter grades

Each of ${i, r, s, p, q, a, b, c}$ will be a real number scored from $0$ (empty) to $1$ (excellent), based on the assessment groups listed:

in-class participation $i$
reading $r$
problem sets $s$
project A $p_A$
project B $p_B$
quizzes $q$
midterm A $m_A$
midterm B $m_B$
cumulative final $c$

Say that $\gamma$ is your uniform grade in the interval $[0,1]$. Then $\gamma$ has linear dependence on $9$ other random variables,

grading policy

We have an honor code since Aug 30, 2019. Assessments should be fair, predictable, and thought-provoking.


The pursuit of knowledge, friend, is the askin’ of many questions.